Sunday, 31 January 2021

Ways to take revenge to those “liars”!

I had emphasised how to identify “Liars” or lawyers” in my previous post . The easiest way to identify them as ”liars” is they  would normally like to incorporate their companies under “Sdn. Bhd.” .Whereas, Malaysia legal firms are mandatory to run legal firms by way of sole proprietor or partnership.

Why i will come out with this post ?

I want to vent out my anger here after my SME legal team group noticed that many SME companies have been encountering a number of big problem during and after  MCO 1.0 and MCO 2.0 such as :-


(A) employees threaten to sue the employers for not getting full salaries;

(B) employers forced employees to take unpaid leave and annual leave; or

(C) many employers forced to close down and yet live in fear that the ex employees will take legal action against them in future.

Well, the issue that is able to trigger my anger is many of those SME bosses showed us their agreements yet we found out that those agreements are not really able to apply in  their industries or many of the agreements are those standard  “ employment contracts “ that can simply copy and paste from google template or Employment Act 1955. 


Those template and irrelevant agreements are:-


(A) given after they attended business consultancy classes for 3 days 2 nights;or

(B) hired legal consultants who runs their businesses under Sdn. BHd.

BOSSes, this pandemic is a waking call to all of us. It is a time for us to think twice before we pay for any services . You have to hire somebody at least :-


(A) is a qualified practising lawyer;

(B) world is changing why you want to pay somebody who is “out dated “ in law industry to draft your agreements;

(C)look for someone who has reported cases in Industrial Court or Labour court (they know the current law and what the courts want from time to time);and

(D) someone at least takes the lawyer’s  brief case,  goes to court and knows the law well

Therefore, it is time to put down the “greed” and think there is nothing call “discount” or “gift” in term of agreements . This “greed” will directly create “unnecessary fear “ in your life.

Those who are still living in “fear “ due to the mistake done before pandemic , here is an email address for you to report your cases to our Bar Council and they will do investigations and take actions to those “liars “ :-

P/s  inside your email kindly state their website and the full name of the company.This is a good time to take revenge against those “liars” !!!!! Do remember to share this knowledge or our posts to your family members and close friends!!

Nobody shall run out of the boundaries to cheat on anyone to earn his/her own pocket money.


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