Wednesday, 3 February 2021

How to make a marriage work ?

As a divorce lawyer in Malaysia for more than one decade, too often I hear clients either tell me “I am trying very hard to save my marriage!” or “How to make a marriage work?”

Well, I am not a marriage counsellor and frankly speaking, I feel quite annoyed to Malaysians who always take for granted that a divorce lawyer shall give some advice on how to make a marriage work.

However, I noticed that none of them is able to answer me the following questions before they try to defend themselves and complain to me how difficult it is for them to communicate with their spouses:

1. Did you set any resolutions for this year?

2. Is “communicating effectively in your marriage" set as one of your resolutions for this year?

3. How many hours do you spend a week with your spouse?

4. Which day of the week is your family day?

5. How do you arrange the duty roster for household chores and taking care of the kids throughout week?

If none of you made an effort to work out something as simple and necessary as stated from items 1 to 5, then my next question to you is: Are you really trying very hard to save your marriage? Do you really ever try to make your marriage work?

Life is fun but it is never easy. Marriage is sweet but you need both parties to go through bitterness before it turns out to be sweet.

It is an important life skill that everyone of us possess to learn to compartmentalise as much as all the important aspects (your career, family, health, etc). All of them are correlated that you have to keep learning to compartmentalise and ensure your life doesn’t crumble just because you failed to work out any one of the elements.

Besides that, there are too many roles for us to play in a day as it is never easy to fulfill these roles successfully without good planning by ways of scheduling our daily life.

I hope this blog will give you a shed of light to make your marriage work.

Should you have yet to squeeze some time for your marriage in your new year  resolutions, it is never too late for you to set this new resolution now and you may visit my previous blog regarding new year, new goals, and new resolutions at:

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