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Divorce rate in Malaysia , 2020


2020 was a tough year to everyone as the restriction orders have been implemented in many countries including Malaysia .

Many friends came to congratulate me in November 2020 as they thought the Divorce rate in Malaysia should spike up on par due to our covid -19 cases. This was mostly because many of them were having a desperate time in their careers and businesses.

Many people believe that the continuous lock down in our country together with the Movement Control Order(MCO) would force everyone to be strictly attached with their life partners and kids, while far separated to friends and relatives. This might cause a lot of conflicts between spouses for being too strong attached with each other under the same root from day to night.

In tandem, news came up from China clearly showed that the Divorce rate in China has been ticking up steadily after the Quarantine Order was implemented in China .

Well, it doesn’t really happen in our country. Today, we shall show you the respective states that are having the highest Non-Muslim Divorce rate in Malaysia :-

We calculated the Non-Muslim Divorce cases based on the cases from the following  High Courts and we have made a comparison for the number of cases both in 2019 & 2020:-

According to the statistics above, it shows a sharp drop for cases inside the Family Courts of Malaysia.

However, the number above may not reflect the actual scenario in Malaysia due to many problems have been arising while lock down and restrictions for interstate travelling have been implemented for more than 1 year , which directly cause a lot of technical issues such as:-
(A) courts have postponed cases all along;
(B) many clients stuck in oversea;and
(C) lawyers are facing big problems in interstate travel

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