Wednesday 3 November 2021

My thoughts on the Netflix TV Series: Maid

Right off the bat it is a heart wrenching series. From this series, I learned that we should all be more mindful of our mental hygiene and keep track of our mental health, as many people are unaware that they have been victims of emotional abuse.

A girl named “Alex” was raised by a father who had emotionally mistreated her mother for years, leading to her mother's physical illness. Unfortunately, she ended up marrying a man suffering from PTSD. 

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She ran out from her house with her daughter in the middle of night, wanting to put an end to the anxiety that her husband, an alcoholic, had instilled in her at the start of the series.

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Sad to say, the husband filed an emergency injunction to get back sole custody by giving limitation visitation to Alex from court. He hired a fancy lawyer while Alex was struggling for food for her daughter.

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The same concept can be applied in Malaysia, there is no law to protect someone under emotional abuse like in the USA. We should be more cautious about emotional abuse in our life.

From 6 till 25 years old, Alex never noticed that her mom had psycho problem till one occasion occurred and  her mom ended up in the psycho ward.

She was terrified because she didn't want the same thing to happen to her, and she was afraid that she would inflict that anguish on her own child.

The sad part is that children who are subjected to emotional abuse does not have the ability to fight back and stand up for themselves. When her mother was in the psycho ward, she hoped her husband would turn over a new leaf by showering her with love again.

Alex fell into the trap again and her husband retaliated and stopped her from going out of town to pursue her studies . She realised she had once again become a victim of domestic violence.

The second chance given to her husband resulted in her foregoing the opportunity to continue her studies in university, and she was in despair until someone stood up for her and pushed her to fight back.

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What we have learned from this series is that there are many people out there are suffering emotional abuse but the majority of them do not know that he or she is one of the victims.

There are far too many families out there who appear posh on the outside but are filled with wounds and grief on the inside.

I do hope the law can draw a line and write down the responsibilities & duties between all relationships.

Those who are not suited to marry shall not marry anyone in their life.

They shouldn't pass on those wounds from one generation to another.

Lots of love,

Malaysia Divorce Lawyer

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Sunday 17 October 2021

How do we express love?

After reading my last post regarding whether we can truly define love, one of my friends then asked me: How do we express love? That’s the question we will be tackling today.

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There are a few ways we can love ourselves by allowing ourselves to regain our freedom in life. I always tell my clients that we all have two worlds: inner and outer space. There are many of us who simply focus on the outer space. For example, we try so hard to get rich and appear successful in society, but in many aspects, we still feel empty, anxious, insecure, and angry about our inner space life. 

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Many CEOs of large companies have informed me that they are too focused on their external success that they are sacrificing valuable time with their children and spouse. Those conversations during my consultations have shown me that we are all too focused on our outside world because we are so eager to receive praise and respect from society that we forget about the inner world.

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In our entire life.

So, what do we do now? Declutter your mind, visualise yourself attending your funeral right now, and envision yourself inside the casket, this is what I tell my clients whose lives have hit rock bottom.

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Imagine that your entire family, including close friends and relatives, is attending your funeral. What comes to mind and what you'd like them to say in their parting speech about you? You will know what your mission is and what kind of person you want to be in your life based on the speech you have imagined. As a daughter of your parents, a good mother for your children, a good leader or follower at work, and a good friend among your close friends, you will know how to compartmentalise all of your roles and perform them successfully. This is an excellent approach to express who you are and what you desire.

I strongly believe that you will feel extremely happy and meaningful once you know your life goals.

Many of us are dissatisfied and upset with ourselves because we are afraid of being judged or boycotted by society, which forces us to change our personalities to fit the needs of the society. That is why so many of us have lost ourselves, forgotten our souls, and forced ourselves to live in constant fear and despair.

Once you are certain of what you want in life, you will stop making assumptions about what others are saying about you. Did you ever realise that creating assumptions is a typical cause of sleep deprivation and makes us all overthinkers? We continue to hone our ability to become overthinkers by forming assumptions and even taking other people's words personally.

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My mother frequently reminds me to watch what I say since what I say might impact someone's life. It is a potent weapon since it has the ability to hurt a person's heart while also having the ability to alter a person's life depending on where and how we use it. As a result, we should not take other people's statements too personally in order to make ourselves sad and even build animosity. If you continue to develop this skill, you will be the one to ruin and destroy your own wonderful existence. 

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Only by learning to live fully and deliberately throughout our lives will we be able to live joyfully. Because we only have one life, and we must all do our best to achieve our missions and ambitions. Remind ourselves that "consequence" and "mistake" are beyond our control, but that’s as far as you and I are aware, we have done our best, and there is no cause for us to feel guilty.

Have a nice day :) See you in my next post!

Lots of love,

Malaysia Divorce Lawyer

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Thursday 30 September 2021

Faker annoucement

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We come to know that someone is hiding behind a phone number known as +6011-3182 1790 impersonating M/s WILLIAM FLORENCE & PARTNERS as if they are legal firm.

We hereby reiterate that this phone number is not affiliated to or associated with anyone from M/s WILLIAM FLORENCE & PARTNERS, please kindly avoid yourself from contacting with the above number.

We treat this matter seriously and shall begin any legal action to impede the same to tarnish our firm reputation!

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Can we truly define love?

I suppose this is a topic I should discuss with all of you because I've noticed that our parents, schools, and even society have failed to define or teach us what "love" is.

As a Divorce Lawyer for more than a decade, what I’ve heard the most from my clients is: “There is no love anymore between both of us. We have tried our best to save this marriage.”

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When I looked around, I noticed that individuals of all ages, young and old, had perverted the genuine meaning of "love." I discovered that many children choose to eat vegetables and even play chess not because they appreciate the foods or the pastime, but rather to gain their parents' attention and "love”.

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I even noticed that many youngsters would give a lot of promises that they will love each other till death do them apart, but many of them couldn’t keep their promises in the end of the day.

My friend's toddler even informed me that he loves his puppy because his kindergarten teacher taught him that we should love animals. “Blood is thicker than water,” our parents always say, and we must love our siblings.

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Even if I had done well enough to love my schools and friends during my school days, I learnt to "love" my career, my job, and my coworkers when I started working in the legal field.

From here, i would really like to emphasize that we had been taught to like our parents, animals, friends, siblings and which includes our surroundings from school & our own circle of relatives members.

However, none of them used to educate us how to “love ourselves”. That is why a lot of us provide our limitless love closer to the humans surrounded us and disregarded our self love from time to time. In an extended run , in the course of our life , we make ourselves stay in worry and insecure.

I’ve seen many teenagers using drugs and other self-destructive activities just to get the attention and approval of their friends' gang. Many of my friends choose to study law as a way of realizing their parents' dream rather than their own. I choose to stay away from my family to buy my first home just because I fear criticism from others. Like this action, it has got me through many difficulties and has had a negative impact on my physical health during long hours.

We force ourselves to work on other people’s dreams by depriving our sleep time and restrict our freedom for years. We trap ourselves in endless fear and insecurity and keep pushing ourselves to the max. Why we have to keep self torturing ourselves?

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We are the silent killer to ourselves. Our fear and insecurity caused us depression, unhappiness, upset, and dissatisfaction in our achievements. There is nobody for us to blame since we are the ones who are willingly to pursue other people’s dreams and live in their fantasy world. We are the ones that chose to love others more than ourselves. 

All of us have been victimised by our education. We had forgotten and neglected to learn more about ourselves and we forget about what is “SELF LOVE”!.

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Lots of love,

Malaysia Divorce Lawyer

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Wednesday 8 September 2021

Things you should know before you tie the knot!

 “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” might have been the best TV show on Netflix during MCO 3.0 in Malaysia. I strongly recommend this show to my clients and friends especially those who tend to tie the knot during this pandemic. It is never too late to watch and learn something before you enter your marriage life.

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One of the trends I have observed as of late is that many couples have been omitting the fact that building up and maintaining a comfy home is one of the essential criteria for a steady marriage. I always tell my boyfriend that a luxury house with a great mess would not let a person feel comfortable to step into after a long day of work. However, a comfy little nest on the other hand makes me feel right at home after a rough day at work.

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You may be able to spend few million dollars to have a luxury house, but you could not spend the same amount to have a home. Home is a place that you can have a sense of belonging and filled with love. Therefore, regardless the space is big or small, we shall make a lot of effort to build up a home that belongs to us once we have settled down with our partner.

Sad to say, there are too many young couples forced to work from days to nights and everyone has neglected that “tidying and cleaning up a home” shall be done everyday. Besides that, everyone who is sharing under the same roof shall be obligated and responsible to keep the house clean from time to time.

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One of my friends, who is a CEO in a listed company, told me that he feels happy when he sees a table full of delicious dishes prepared by his wife after a long day in his office. However, his mood took an immediate turn when he was not able to find forks and spoons. After struggling to find the utensils, he had already lost his appetite.

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On the same token, the CEO even shared with me that a messy company would not be successful. He told me: “I did not have the motivation to go to work because the internal management and the environment of my workplace is in the same mess as my home.” As a result, he purposely makes an effort to seek for advice from friends to teach his maids and family members to tidy up every single corner of his mansion properly.

Equally important, if all of us make a habit to keep compiling all our stuff together, choose to keep those which sparks joy at least once a month, then we would save a lot of money. We could even stop our hoarding behaviour that will bring more mess than good to our comfy home.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. I guess the above photo can physiologically change a person’s mood. Therefore, a tiny gritty nitty thing can change your marriage and relationship too! So please do not omit it!

Lots of love,

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Monday 16 August 2021

Covid 19 cases in Malaysia





















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Lots of love,

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My thoughts on the Netflix TV Series: Maid

Right off the bat it is a heart wrenching series. From this series, I learned that we should all be more mindful of our mental hygiene and k...