Friday, 23 October 2020

Divorce lawyer VS Emily in Paris

Malaysia Divorce Lawyer

After watching the series of “Emily in Paris “ suddenly urged me to open up a blogspot to talk  about “my life”and of course” my relationship” which including my perspectives in relationship and marriage since I am a Johor Bahru divorce lawyer in Johor Bahru, which is a city not more than few kilometres far from  a famous small island named itself as - Singapore ! I am pretty sure that anyone  who is a Neflix Fan like me will know this Island from the movie- “Crazy Rich Asians”.

There are too many blogs and write up regarding “Divorce in Malaysia”, “how to divorce in Malaysia” and whatsoever when I used my fatty fingers to google it . To me it is too little commercial and yet too dull to keep mentioning the word “Divorce” where at the same time keep telling people the procedure and ways to divorce in my beloved country -Malaysia .

Before I specialise myself as a Divorce Lawyer. I was a simple girl like to read a lot and to watch a lot of romantic stories . Omg ! I used the word *was * :(

Undeniably  ,  this label “Divorce Lawyer”comes to me  used to make me felt super confused on

whether it is too naïve and too irrelevant to think about romance. Omg! This hate-love relationship had been existed in my life for years as I never want to admit it till I quitted to watch those movies and series about romance but “Emily in Paris” pulled me back to who am I – Florence Toh.

It is unbelievable by using merely two (2) days by being a “couch potato” and glue myself to my TV & IPad is really worth for me to be here and make a big decision in my life to share my thoughts, my experiences, my thinking and every single little thing in my practising life as a “Divorce Lawyer” in Johor Bahru.

I hope one day when I read back my blog I would feel grateful to my effort by sharing these stories and everything here. My mum always tell me that “better late than never”! If I feel want to do it , just do it ! Hello world,  this is a time to step up to open my world to everyone !

Lots of love,

A Malaysia Divorce Lawyer who always trust about true love

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Malaysia Divorce Lawyer Malaysia: WILLIAM FLORENCE & PARTNERS 马来西亚离婚律师 is a law firm located in Johor Bahru founded by WILLIAM LIM WEI LOON and FLORENCE TOH THE TENG


  1. Hi, i am looking forward you share more story about your experience in handling marriage problem. You are the truly Malaysia Divorce Lawyer

  2. Thanks for your encouragement ! Hope i will have the strong determination to keep carry on writing my blogspot to let more people to know about life as a Divorce lawyer in Malaysia.


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