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Joint petition in Malaysia -Family Court

Well , life is never full of bed of roses and life is not a box of chocolate . Sometimes, no matter how we work on it yet life just doesn’t make sense .


However, a Malaysian Divorce Lawyer who never give up true love may tell you that “Divorce is not the end of the world to anyone of you !”


“Choosing a right path to end the marriage “ is the key for you to make and decide.AS a divorce lawyer, I always agree that it is normal to go through a few  nightmares  before and/or during divorce but do not let those nightmares haunt u after divorce !!!


Today , I am going to share something about Joint Petition and I think everyone who wants to divorce in Malaysia will try the best to solve the marriage by way of Joint Petition due to 2 reasons :-


A)    Save time; and 

B)     Save costs


It takes around 4 months for a marriage to be dissolved by way of Joint Petition in Malaysia  after both parties 

A)    signed the divorce papers before the lawyer; and

B)     affirmed the divorce papers before the Commissioner of Oath


 from the date the duly signed and duly affirmed divorce papers being filed in to court.


Normally the next question is why it takes so long ? 

Guys, there are 2 orders that we have to get from the court just like the family court in Singapore .

There is a 3 months gap come within the 1st and the final order.


Why we need the 3 months cooling period?

As both parties may choose to set side the order as many of young couple choose to patch back during these 3 months cooling period.


Therefore do not always listen to anyone tell you that you  may only need 1 month or 2 weeks to dissolve a marriage by of of Joint Petition .


Law is law and procedure is procedure , there is nobody can go beyond something given by our legislative of Malaysia .


If you do not want the nightmare haunt you after divorce , please do not forget to read my previous blog as stated here as a reference to you:


Please take note the followings:-


1.     No automatic divorce after 2 years of separation in Malaysia;


2.     You are entitled to “divorce” in Malaysia merely after 2 years or more than 2 years of marriage from the date of registration except under special circumstances that I may cover in my next blog/future blog :and/or 

 3.   You are considered “divorce” once you are officially obtained a letter from JPN Putrajaya to show that you are “divorce”.


The above are the 3 main misunderstandings that always happen among the public when they come to the word “divorce “ in Malaysia.Please so not rush to go Joint Petition before you clean your head !!


My next blog will tell  you more whether Joint Petition is suitable to everyone ?


Stay tuned !!!

If you have legal inquiry, please look for Malaysia Divorce Lawyer


Lots of Love,

 Divorce  lawyer from Malaysia  who always believed in  true love 

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