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5 tips you have to do before you look for a Divorce Lawyer in Malaysia

Hi guys ! I am here again after practising as a lawyer for around 10 years in Malaysia , there are few Tips that I can share with you something you have to do before you look for a “Divorce Lawyer”.


Before we really want to  talk about “Divorce” it is something serious to everyone who is struggling to put an end to the marriage who had been contributed for years . It is painful and yet it is an emotional procedure .Therefore, put aside the “dollar and cent “ issue . You will hurt your pocket when you choose the wrong person to handle your matter.Your issues may remain unsolved even “after the divorce “. 


In Malaysia a marriage can be dissolved by 2 ways i.e


A)         JOINT PETITION;or



Anyway, I will like to highlight that no matter in which way you go , the fee and disbursements that will be charged by every legal firm in Malaysia is at least 4 figure for a simple and uncontested procedure. It is not a cheap “service”. Therefore if you are a person who cares about “dollar and cent” is time for your brain to think about how are you going to spend your money in a wise and worth way.




There are too many people especially those who always be too calculative in “money “ will not do a  thorough research while looking for a  Divorce Lawyer.


Hi guys, pay your money to lawyer ! It is very stupid that due to wanna save up a little money , you are risking your pocket to burn for a legal clerk who never been to any law school . Why you have to engage such a service ?if you choose to do so , then don’t blame or regret after this .


Therefore, you have to be very careful to check on it while you first step into a legal firm. You have to ensure that all the advices and suggestions given to you are from a lawyer instead of a legal clerk !


There are too many legal firms that they will let the so called “Experience” legal staff to handle matters . Come on, those legal staff are without any licenses and they shouldn’t give you any legal advice at the very first place.If your 4 figure is going to pay a legal staff then THAT IS YOUR CHOICE


Second, check on the SPECIALITY of the lawyer or legal firm


Hey guys, divorce is a serious matter and you have to handle it wisely. I found many people like to look for those lawyers who recommend by their friends, close friends and relatives without doing any further research especially the backgroud check of the lawyer.


In Malaysia , there are many legal firms and lawyers out there and all of them are well experinced in different area of law .


Some of them are well versed in corporate litigation, commercial litigation or maybe the most famous ciminal lawyer in the town yet it doesn’t mean that  he or she will be well experienced in divorce law or I should say in family law.


You have to look for the specialist while you know your sickness in need the specialist and you have to look for the right specialist when  you are really sick !



Therefore, do some background check is a “must” before you invest to any lawyer.


Third, don’t look for lawyer who RUSH you to open file


Guys, there is no free lunch in this world !


We pay to law school and our law books cost our parents a lot ! A free consultation or free advice may touch your heart but nobody owed you a duty to give you a knowledgeable talk when he or she earned nothing from you.


Ladies and Gentlement , as I mentioned earlier it is not a “cheap service”. It is better for you after doing the background search pay a little money to seek for Consultation from the lawyer.


Why we have to pay for consultation?


This is a good question. During the consultation you can figure out how experience is the lawyer and whether he or she is trustworthy  to provide you the services that  you want !You are the 1 choose the lawyer, therefore let every penny worths  its value.


Divorce is always complicated as it involved children’s custody issues , maintenance and matrimonial property if your couldn’t find the lawyer that can handle it well and steady ! You will make your life suffer even after divorce . Nobody shall blame as you yourself failed to do your part.


A good lawyer who cares about your matters will defenitely won’t be too rush to open the file. There is no way to rush a person to go for divorce if he/she doesn’t understand his/or her right and procedure of the divorce proceeding in Malaysia.


Fourth, WISDOM of the lawyer is the key 


Throughout years of experience in family law, I am pretty sure that family court is quite different from other courts as it needs “heart “ for a lawyer to work on your file .


A lawyer who can communicate with you and put himself/herself in your shoes . I found out that lotsa time inside the court , the judge will not only look at the law but the fact Itself plays an important role in family court.


You should seek a lawyer who will deliver your case with all his/her whole heart instead of looking for a robot that will only solve your divorce matter according to his/her law books and what he/she learnt from law school .


From the short consultation you can figure whether he/she is the 1 u r looking for ! Life is never simple including a few pieces of papers in court is never easy too .


Therefore a good family lawyer needs good soul, mind and wisdom to deal with your matter .



Fifth Don’t try to be a Divorce Lawyer 

We are living in 21st century and of course the people nowsaday are more educated. Everyone will try to be clever to google here and there to equip the knowledge and procedure for divorce.


Come on guys , every lawyer and well educated lay man will know the procedure as far as he/she is not illiterate .There are lotsa gritt nitty tiny things you will never realised or noticed since you are not a specialist yet you or your close ones is merely one  of  the victims to a breakdown of a marriage .


I noticed that the “knowledge” and “understanding “ you had had sometime is the reason for your case hardly to handle by any well versed Divorce Lawyer .The last tip to you is “let the professional does his/her job”.


If you have legal inquiry, please look for Malaysia Divorce Lawyer 



Lots of love from

A Malaysia Divorce Lawyer who always trust about true love 

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