Thursday, 28 January 2021

Are you hiring a “lawyer” or a “liar “?

AS a co-leader of our SME legal team , during pandemic i realised that many SME bosses are trying their upper best to restructure and rearrange the systems and policies of their companies to embrace the new challenges that indirectly forced by the “pandemic”.Undeniably this is a good move and good change to endure the new world.

Many young and new bosses especially those who graduated from oversea will start hiring lawyers to review and even draft corporate documents and commercial agreements to regulate the internal and external relationships of their companies .

However , many of them wasted their money to hire a team of  “liar “instead  of a group of professional lawyers . This is a serious issue that we shall highlight to all of you as according to section 37 of Legal Profession Act 1976 in Malaysia , none of the unauthorised person is allowed to wilfully or falsely pretends to be by taking name of title to act as a qualified lawyer to  do the followings :-


(A) draft any corporate &commercial agreements including to prepare any documents or instruments relating  to incorporation or formation a company;

(B) draft trust , Power of attorney , S& P Agreement and issue out any threatening letters to demand for outstanding sum for a company or individual;

(C) to draft any cause papers to file into court;

(D) accept any consultation fee or retainer fee by giving legal advise ;

(E) as anything related to legal service or act as an advocate & solicitor in Malaysia is considered he/she is committing a crime unless those services given are under “Free of Charge” and you shall bear the liability by acting or complying with their advices since they do not possess any lawyers’ licenses while those advices were given to anyone of you.


You shall google the entire section 37 Legal Profession Act.

There are 3 tips for you to know whether you are hiring a “liar” or a “lawyer” in Malaysia :-

  1. Malaysia lawyers do  not allow to practise under Sdn. Bhd or LLP as we are only allowed to practise under partnership or sole proprietorship  till today;
  1. You can search the name of the firm or the name of the lawyer via our Malaysia Bar website:-
  2. A lawyer who possesses a law degree doesn’t mean he /she is a legally practise lawyer while he or she doesn’t exist in the website as stated in item 2 .

You pay for the  legal services and you are looking for help , you have to make sure you are looking at the  right door and the right person to serve you .

Time to bid goodbye to “liar” in our market, do not fool by those sweet talks and great marketing business skills. Your job is you have to do your own thorough research and share this knowledge among your friends and family members.


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