Saturday, 23 January 2021

Have you set your 2021 resolutions?


I am a person who always looking forward the 1st month of every year . It is a new month that let you and me to restart a new year with new goal (s) and even new dream(s). I always start setting up my new year resolutions 2 months before the new year, because I want to be productive and do not want to waste a little second to my life in this world.How about you ?

My legal team

I will always do some research, self -evaluation including evaluating  all my legal teammates to ensure everyone will be motivated to set their own resolutions to welcome a new year .

I always set 2 kinds of goals  and i did encourage all my teammates will do the same :-


(A) contentment & happiness ;and

(B)accomplishments &commitments

Both in workplace and personal life as striking a balance within (A) &(B) are extremely important in everyone’s life.

Well, this year I start to focus my blogspot and i do hope that I have  my time to share about my personal life as a Divorce Lawyer in Malaysia, a managing partner inside the firm and also a leader to lead my litigation department and a co-leader in the SME legal team .

I strongly hope that  I will be more focus the improvement and the development of those young lawyers in my legal firm especially in their career path to uplift their skills and life instead of keep “focusing about my own achievements and endless breakthrough in my own career path”.

It is time to learn how to contribute, plan for others instead of being too calculative or too focus on myself from head to toe.

come on, if you have yet to set up ur resolutions, goals and plans for 2021, it is never too late for you to start it now :).

Plan vs goal


I came across one of  my seniors’ insta profile  and I couldn’t agree more with her that it is good to plan ahead to everything rather than no plan.

We can change our plan when it is not workable but no matter how we shouldn’t simply change our goals.

Goals & resolutions

We shall set goals for us to move forward and resolution is a kind of methodology  to let us go nearer to our goals.


It is a brand new year no matter our country is in the state of emergency and MCO is implementing in every state except Sarawak. Let us get ready to embrace the challenges ahead. Plan our new journey and embark our journey confidently .say goodbye to negative thoughts and endless fear that all of us may face in 2021.

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Lots of love,

Malaysia divorce Lawyer

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