Thursday, 18 February 2021

How did you ruin your relationship?

There are many ways to ruin a relationship and  a marriage , but there is a serial killer who had killed many great relationships inside the Family Court .

That is:-

This serial killer eliminated so many couples and ruined quite a number of families in a year silently with its own smartest strategics .

Social media knows us well especially Asian people. 

 * Show off * is a typical culture that we have had . While social media is a great platform for everyone to portray their good life,  all of us will fully utilise it by shaping up a * good side * of us to the public.

Social media has had an impact in our daily life  and made all of us become  addicted to its existence for more than a decade . 

During Valentine's day which is  supposed to be a good day for commercial purpose or a day to express the appreciation towards one's relationship privately has become a * show off * event to everyone of us in the eyes of the public😮.

Well,  when we come across  those pictures, some of us will know that it is impossible to  improve 2 parties' relationship by way of   uploading a romantic post to show to the public .However, this act has directly or indirectly  activated  the *kiasuness * (scare to lose behaviour) among the typical Asians.

Many of us would like to  compare "whose life is better?, "who is richer?, " "whose wife is better?" and "whose husband is more caring and loving?" . These are the questions that will pull your relationship and marriage to a critical condition .You will feel discontended and dissatisfied with your partner when you keep letting youself to dwell on those questions in your life .

As mentioned above, there are many divorce couples come to me and complain how bad their  marriage life is and some of them are going to look for somebody who can give them " more" in their life .

There are many ways for us to work out a relationship and marriage .One of the secrets is to put aside whatever *SHOW OFF * things in your social media.

Lots of love,

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