Friday, 19 February 2021

How to destroy a good relationship?

There are too many people focus on how to make a marriage work and tend to forget about ways on destroying a good relationship .

Today, I am going to share with all of you my years of  experience as a Malaysia Divorce Lawyer. According to my observation, there are 4 ways to perfectly wreck up a good marriage i.e:-

A) Over Nagging

B)Negative behaviour


D) Sharing your relationship issues to the wrong person

All 4 of them are basically derived from the typical Asians’ mindset and the culture that we have cultivated in our community for years.

1.Over nagging

It is normal to have some expectations from our spouses.However, the over nagging behaviour would burst out whenever he/she couldn’t meet our expectations.

The typical “kiasuness”(scare to lose behaviour) among Asians will make things worse. As having  a comparison and competition is a culture among all of us . The game to justify the quality of spouses that we had chosen in our marriage is a mandatory game that we have had in everyone’s life. We would over criticise our life partner and express out our dissatisfaction towards them whenever we are in the heat. Nevertheless ,the discontentment from our part is from the “comparison” that have been playing around inside our minds for quite sometimes before we spill those words out from our mouths .

Usually, this is a bad behaviour among married couples, as many of them directly dried up their spouses’ confidence through over criticism and over nagging especially when things turn out in a way that is not within their expectations.

2.Negative behaviour

According to researchers,  human beings would response actively more on being negative . This is something that has been implanted inside our DNA as all of us are obsessed on criticism than appreciated praises from our loved ones.

The impact caused by negativity behaviour would ruin you relationship badly by ways of affecting both parties’ emotions and mental health.


It is a reflective action to be defensive while being attacked .Therefore, we have to control ourselves to avoid a big fight . I know it is always easier to be said than to be done .

Well, we have to learn that nobody will not make any mistake in a relationship, but everyone of us has to learn to take responsibility instead of pushing the blame to your spouse.

4.Sharing your relationship issues to the wrong person

This is the utmost important point that I would like to highlight here, as Asian people always share their relationship issues among friends. This topic which I personally think that it should be a private issue,  plays a part among any topics in our social conversations with friends and families.

Many marriage couples’ relationship had been destroyed by the negative thoughts and criticism given by the friends and family members.We always put their thoughts in priority.

Anyways, you can always open up a door to look for someone to listen to you or give you advice, but you have to make sure you are choosing a right person:) to avoid harm more than good.

Lot of love,

Malaysia Divorce Lawyer


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