Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Is it worth it to be a lawyer in Malaysia?


 In my generation, my parents would try their utmost best to keep emphasis on what is good or bad for me about my future. They kept imposing their values and thoughts on me from time to time ever since when I was 9 or 10 ten years old. I think my parents are the best promoters in this world! Congratulations to you if you have the same childhood as me :) 

I was born in a super typical Asian family. I have always had a thought that if I could be a lawyer/doctor/accountant/engineer one day, then I may be one of those crazy rich Asians. This naive thinking had led and shaped me to who I am today. Sadly, even though I struggle from days to nights for 11 years in my dream job, yet I could not afford and earn as much as what used to be promoted by my parents while comparing to my peers in other industries.

Every year I feel scared to see the statistics. The number of lawyers in Malaysia kept increasing without any ways to make a full stop. According to the record, the number of lawyers in Malaysia from 2011, the following year after I enrolled myself in this legal profession till 2020:-

increased around 6,145 within 9 years.

You may think that in one year, an increase of around 680 people in this industry is considered good enough if compared to other industries, but you should always look at the demand from the society in Malaysia towards lawyers nowadays.

You can observe the lifestyle of most lawyers in Malaysia in the 90s  and now to determine the demand from this legal profession:-

the way the public look at lawyers in Malaysia:-

The glam of this legal profession had faded away as time went by and the quality of life of legal practitioners shall take note before they impose their “valuable” thinking towards their kids.

I would like to stress that there is neither good or bad in everything and we must stop imposing values to our next generation as things can change any second.

Changes are needed to cater the needs of a society or country from time to time.

It is hard for me to tell you why the demand of the lawyers is lesser nowadays in Malaysia from a blog post. Anyways, from the figures stated above, I am wondering if there are any alternatives to stop the numbers from increasing. The number of lawyers in our country will overflow and many lawyers will struggle days and nights. There is no system and no statistics to put a quota for all professions and services to serve the country/society. Therefore, if everyone goes for the “good“, then the whole industry will suffer.

While many people flock into the same industry, then the industry will devalue inself and many of us will facing jobless.

Lots of love,
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