Thursday, 4 February 2021

Short term and long term success !

Do you ever think about this question in your life? 

Many people around me always tell me he/she wants to be a successful lawyer, doctor, or a businessman, but none of them could give me an answer when it comes to this question.

If you are not able to define success in your career, then why do you want to start up your own business or embark your career journey rashly at the first place?

Basically, I will categorise success to 2 sectors i.e.:

I hereby regret to say that there are too many people focus on short term success to aim for a short-term profit instead of long-term success. Many of us are typical Asians who like to compete with each other. We always like to follow whoever shows us his/her fancy car and house to justify “success”.

This temptation and greediness shall directly blind fold our eyes, shut our minds and indirectly force us to follow their steps without thinking about 

Therefore, we drag ourselves to a dreadful situation by giving out:-


Regardless in any professional services in Malaysia.

While all of us know vividly that by giving the above will lower down our net profit and we will drag everyone in the same industry to the red sea sooner or later.

How are you going to survive yourself inside a big pool of bloody red sea in a long run together with all the debts that you have yet to settle?

This is the big problem in our society. Everyone of us will follow blindly without thinking about the consequences thereafter. This strategy will pull down our businesses/careers, and at the same time our society will fall very soon since all of us are lacking of

In creating “value” in our businesses and careers, this pandemic is a wake-up call to all of us. We shall change our mindset and start creating “value” to embrace the upcoming changes and challenges in the new world.

This is the time for us to put aside those “old fashion” ways of creating unnecessary competitions to achieve short term benefits. Our duty is to be creative and innovative by upgrading our skills, polish our knowledge, devise a new strategic plan in our businesses by ways of upgrading the quality of our services and products to achieve a long-term success.

Lots of love,
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