Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Price tag

 Every single mingle thing in  our life places itself a price tag .

As a Malaysia Divorce Lawyer who have been  serving people from all walks of life , I noticed that everyone would tell me " choices are far more important than effort ".However, how many people will tell you frankly, everything that you want to achieve , there is a price tag behind .If you want to go a higher attitude in your life , the price that you are going to  pay shall be higher .There is no short cut in everyone's life .

If you  want to go higher, the price that you have to pay should be higher.

Sad to say , in reality how many human beings want to pay the price to achieve their goals ?

Many people want to have a perfect body figure , but how many of them willingly go through hardwork , control diet and go to gym daily? 

Will they ever care the power of tablets could  help them to achieve a long term success or merely giving them a short term of falsehood in life ? 

Many people want to live in a luxury house and drive a fancy car yet how many of them want to stuggle and be a risk taker by indulging himself/herself in a business and investment through years of hardwork and stress ?

At the end of the day , none of them is able to upgrade their quality of life in a skyrocket way.

During this pandemic, too many youngsters are stuggling in huge debt due to believing that throwing a certain sum of  money to buy a branded car is a correct way to brand themselves in the market and now  they are facing the threats from Bankruptcy and/or Depression.

Lifestyle marketing before pandemic had really affected many people's life .

There is 1 of the property agents gave his 2 cent regarding the disadvantages caused by lifestyle marketing. 

You may get his link here:-https://www.facebook.com/101826484556033/posts/506176450787699/?d=n

I absolutely agreed with him that as a leader in a team they should help to "get rid of poverty" instead of encouraging the youngsters to create more debts and burdens in their life.

Should there is anyone using branded car and massive house to lure you to follow his/her team, please pull your brake and bid goodbye to such a liar .

Lots of love,
Malaysia Divorce Lawyer


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Price tag

 Every single mingle thing in  our life places itself a price tag . As a Malaysia Divorce Lawyer who have been  serving people from all walk...